My previous projects

Crummy Banking App

A USSD powered banking app for android As fintech startups keep popping up everywhere, I always wonder if it’s that easy to build a payments app of any kind.

Stack: Android(Java)

Crummy Files

A simple file sharing platform built with Django.

Stack: HTML, Bootstrap, Django, PostgreSQL

HeartDrive App

A personal cloud based time capsule. Users can create folders with a maturity date and store images and videos in it. At the end of the maturity date, a slideshow link is to be sent to the user or a recipient with a video of an automatically generated slideshow.

Stack: Android(Java), Firebase

My Portfolio website

This is my personal Portfolio site that you are currently on. Meant to showcase myself and my past projects. Built with basic HTML and Bootstrap.

Stack: HTML, Bootstrap

Rock Paper Scissors App

Simple Rock paper scissors app where the user plays against the computer and has a score counter

Stack: Android(Kotlin)

ID.NG: Digital ID Card

App for storing Nigerian government IDs. So the initial idea was an all-in-one digital πŸ†” card app that can digitize all our National πŸ†” Documents.
The stored πŸ†”s are supposed to be accessible at all times(stored offline)

Stack: Android(Java)

More to be added soon....